Eton Mess

One word review, delicious.

One sentence review, better than expected.

I took the advice of my fellow bakers to use rhubarb as it was well worth it. I did not think I would have any trouble finding it as it is usually available year round in California. But of course the week I went to buy it, I had trouble sourcing it. After the third grocery store I found some. When I got to the check out I was floored at the price $10.99 a pound, an unheard of price, and I had to buy the whole pound. With the extra rhubarb I made a double recipe, I thought it was a lot but we did not have any trouble making it disappear. I lucked out with my meringue as it stayed crispy even after 24 hours. My husband said it was well worth the purchase price. Another Dorie winner in our house. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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