Apple Pandowdy

Baking with Dorie

For this single-crust dessert, I decided to use a leaf cookie cutter. It is hard to see but I thought it was a cute addition to this fall dessert. I tried to keep some open space so the juices could evaporate since there was no thickener in this recipe. Mine did not brown much because I used nonfat milk, I think whole milk or cream would have browned much better. Apparently I slopped all over as my pie plate is not photogenic.

When I took it out of the oven, it sure smelled like lemon, I feared that I over did it but fear not it was delicious. We enjoyed this one and would make it again. To see what others thought head over to Tuesday with Dorie.


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  1. Kayte says:

    This looks so pretty. I love the apples peeking out.


  2. glad you enjoyed. and good thinking to encourage some of the excess juice to evaporate…i might try to thicken it up a bit time.


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