Chicken and Winter Squash Tagine

Everyday Dorie

Given all the spices that went into this dish we were expecting much more flavor. I think all the flavor went into the chicken broth and even though I put sauce all over my meal, it was still bland. The whole family was underwhelmed with this one. We made the whole recipe to have enough for leftovers. On the second serving we made the couscous with the leftover broth, we liked that much better. We loved all the ingredients in this dish but I don’t think it is a make again recipe for us. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. Sorry this wasn’t your favourite! Definitely gets better with time !


  2. We were with you and your family on this one Diane…underwhelmed described it perfectly. It was fun to try, but I wouldnt make it again.


  3. Certainly, the jus thickens and the flavor deepens over time. The spices have to lot to do in the flavor department. Do you like curries?


  4. yeah, i also thought the whole thing tasted better after an overnight soak in the spice bath. not sure exactly why Dorie says it’s better freshly made!


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