Cherry-Nut Chocolate Pinwheels

Chocolate and cherry the perfect combination. The only ingredient I needed to complete this recipe was the dried cherries. I headed to my local Trader Joe’s for a package. I thought it would be easy but there were several kinds of dried cherries. I ended up choosing Tart Montmorency and that was the right decision. These ended up coming out perfect tasting but I had a few execution errors. I did not chop the cherries and pecans (I substituted) fine enough which made it tricky to roll and slice. I had trouble with the dough cracking as I rolled which I attributed to haste and not chopping fine enough. Despite my few little errors they mostly came out right, a few of mine fell apart. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    Weren’t these delish!! I want these again – but I want someone else to make them for me as there’s a few steps there!!


  2. Ok I had issues with this dough too but yours looks to be rescued. Mine, not so much!


  3. Kayte says:

    Oh, that photo is so good…without the drizzle you can really see the pinwheel in the cookie, a beautiful photo. You can really see the pieces inside, that looks wonderful.


  4. Well you certainly got beautiful pinwheels and with the trouble this dough gave me, I know that is a success!! Great job!


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