Chicken Chili Tamale Pie

Having read everyone’s reviews from last post I learned two things: allot enough time for the recipe and use pre-made chicken. I don’t think I have had chicken chili before I usually make beef chili with beans. Also, I don’t think I have added sweet potato to my chili before. This recipe was a bunch of firsts for me. The chili has quite a bit of heat to it and I don’t particularly like spicy dishes but many of my family do so I included them all. Sorry to hear complaints about the adobo sauce since I live in California it is in every grocery store. I left the cilantro out since I have a cilantro hater in my family. My preference is for thick chili not soupy so I left out the added chicken broth.

Now on to the cornbread. Since may of you complained about the ratio of cornbread to chili I used a 9×11 Pyrex pan to obtain a thinner layer, it seemed to work. Everyone seemed to enjoy this dish. It was a welcome new dish but I am not sure we would make it again. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. Not complaints, rather “comments”. Adobo is not something that you would necessarily easily find in many parts of the world (especially with stay home and lockdown orders still in play), it’s not what many would consider “everyday”. Yours is PERFECT and I like the idea of the larger dish to make a better chili/ cornbread ratio!


  2. I am glad the larger dish worked better for a thinner cornbread topping! The ratio was definitely off on my Pyrex casserole dish haha. I was also laughing at your comment about adobo…being a fellow Californian, I understand you..I use it regularly in a few of the dishes I make 🤷‍♀️ So interesting to me when differences pop up on what people can find or use in different places!


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