Caramelized Cinnamon-Milk Chocolate Tart

I have been looking forward to this tart for a very long time and I was not disappointed and neither was my family. Armed with my cinnamon from Costa Rica, one of my friends bought for me, I delved into this recipe. A quarter of a cup of sugar is caramelized with two cinnamon sticks. A cup and half of heavy cream is added to the caramel. My caramel seized up and I fear I had ruined it but all the sugar softened during the 45 minute steep time. The cream mixture is then strained and brought back to a boil then poured over the milk and dark chocolate. The smooth, glossy chocolate is poured into a fully baked tart shell and chilled for two hours. This was a good dessert to have on a hot summer night. I served it with whipped cream. It was a decadent chocolate dessert that was restaurant worthy. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    Yep, this was decadent, but so good. I liked it more than your average chocolate tart.


  2. Zosia says:

    I love your slice shot! I agree that this tart is company-worthy.


  3. Everyone loved this at my house too…and totally agree with the restaurant worthy!


  4. that’s a good-looking slice right there.


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