Chicken and Salad Milanese Style

“Coronavirus Edition: Choose whatever recipe from Everyday Dorie you prefer to make , or for which you have ingredients available”. Still working from the completed recipe list, I chose this chicken recipe as it looked doable for week night meal. I skipped the oven portion of the recipe and did just the pan frying. I simplified the salad with spring mix, Persian cucumber and diced red bell pepper and I used my standard balsamic dressing. This was a perfect meal for a hot not yet summer night.

As you can see Persian cucumbers were not to my son’s liking, at least he ate all the salad. To see what others made head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. This has been a great opportunity for you to catch up!! Looks picture perfect.


  2. I remember this one – it’s SO good!!


  3. Tricia S says:

    I literally exclaimed “oh yeah !” when I read the title of your post lol ! I have such fond memories of this recipe. It was DELICIOUS. Fun presentation (persian cukes or not lol). Smart to do your make ups during this time, too – well played 🙂


  4. The color you get on the chicken is amazing. I remember this dish well because I don’t usually go into beating the meat so thin. But it’s so worth it.


  5. what a delicious dinner this one is…i need to do this one again!


  6. Mary Hirsch says:

    Like Tricia, I thought, “Bingo,” we all liked this one. Isn’t it delicious. I remember beating the chicken like crazy but that’s what made it good. And, Diane, my cookie is a chocolate chip cookie. I just added 4 oz. of peanut butter chips in place of 4 oz. of the chocolate (8 oz. of chocolate is what the recipe called for) to change up the cookie a bit. It is a delicious cookie.


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