Ginger Fried Rice

Ginger Fried Rice

Ginger fried rice, this week’s assignment for Every Day Dorie. I actually made this one on time but forgot to do the write up. We haven’t made Asian food in a long time so this was a welcome change. I used soy sauce instead of ponzu sauce and I skipped the gochujang and I wished I hadn’t. I think my dish could have used more flavor but it was still good. We used all the other fresh ingredients and added pork as our protein mix-in. My husband found a nice little package of stir- fry pork strips.

Pasta with Shrimp, Squash, Lemon and Lots of Herbs

I read the reviews of this dish, an advantage of being late to the party, and some of you had complained that the dish was overwhelming lemony. I tailored back the lemon flavor a bit mostly in the form of the lemon juice and it worked just fine. This dish was a huge hit with my husband. He loved all the fresh herbs, the sauce and the vegetables which I did not add enough. My son ate the dish without complaint which is all I can expect these days but he did pick out the zucchini. This is going into the make-it-again pile. I also want to try her spinach, kale or eggplant and sun-dried tomato version.


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  1. two good ones! yes, i think the fried rice benefits from a bit of some type of spice, whether gochujang, sriracha or fresh chile.


  2. Tricia S says:

    Yum- both dishes look delish ! The fried rice was a real treat and while I was not sure what to expect with the two (new to me) sauces, I was very pleased with the flavor. Not to mention the results of adding the fresh ginger. I remember that pasta as well – yes, quite a bit lemony but also fresh. Fun to see it is a hit in your house. This cookbook is seriously wonderful.


  3. cheznana says:

    This was a great recipe for fried rice with all the different vegetables, I really enjoyed it and plan to try it with chicken also.


  4. After cooking the pasta dishes and now the fried rice with Dorie, I no longer question her recipes. She knows how to turn up the flavors. Gochujang adds tons of deliciousness, highly recommended!


  5. These are both great dishes! Though yes, the rice needs the gochujang!


  6. I had the sauces and it still could use some tweaking but that is the beauty of such a versatile recipe.


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