Lavender-White Chocolate Sables

This week on Tuesdays with Dorie we are baking from Dorie’s Cookies. This is one of two recipes in which lavender will be used this month. Lavender is not an ingredient I was used to cooking with but Dorie has introduced it to me in a few recipes. This is the 4th sables recipe we have tackled in this group. This particular recipe is very much like a butter cookie, there is 8 ounces of butter in them. I had a bit of a challenge rolling out the dough, it was very crumbly, without any egg to bind it together it seemed to want crumb up. I did enough pushing to get it together into two nice slabs. After chilling in the refrigerator over night it was ready to be baked. First bake I did the suggested 16 minutes but my white chocolate burned. The second time I baked for 15 minutes which was better. The third time I did 14 minutes which was the sweet spot. We enjoyed this buttery cookie and I did not taste much of the lavender but that is probably a good thing. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    I agree that the cooking time was too long. I enjoyed these cookies but didn’t get much lavender in the taste – perhaps that’s a good thing.


  2. I didn’t even use lavender so hats off to you for following the recipe! I also baked mine less time.


  3. i also couldn’t really taste the lavender, but liked the caramelized white chocolate bits!


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