Puffed Grain and Miso Cookies

Dorie’s Cookies page 430.

I voted for this cookie since I had a container of miso paste in my refrigerator and I was looking for something less sweet after the holidays. I forgot to check the expiration of my miso paste, long expired, so I was out to buy new along with many of the other ingredients for this recipe. I easily found a bag of puffed rice which I used in place of the puffed barley. I used raisins as my dried fruit and a combination of black and white sesame seeds. I had sesame oil but not toasted. I attempted to toast it in a pan but it really didn’t change color much and started to smoke. I used it anyway and it seemed fine. These were the most fancy rice cakes I have ever had. I have enjoyed them very much. I had a bit of trouble with them sticking in the pan, it really needs to be well oiled and I needed to bake less than the estimated 18 minutes. My first batch burned. I will be making these again without nuts for my son which will use up the rest of my puffed rice. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. Yes these definitely need well-oiled pans and a bit less bake time I think! Loved the idea of these!


  2. Cakelaw says:

    I had issues with some of mine burning too! These were very nice and quite different from anything I’ve had before.


  3. i liked these a lot, too, and will also make them again, maybe with some flavor variations.


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