Apple Cranberry Phyllo Turnovers

I was looking for recipes to use up some phyllo dough that I had leftover from another recipe and I came across this Ellie Krieger recipe from her Food Network show Healthy Appetite. I watched the video and this looked like a fast and easy dessert to make. The apples are cooked with dried cranberries, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg until tender. The sauce is thickened with cornstarch. The phyllo dough is brushed with canola oil which I used for the first 4. The second batch I made I used butter per my husband’s request. I am not sure I noticed much difference. We thought these were a little plain so maybe amp up the flavor if you make them. I thought they were easy, individual desserts to make that look impressive to your guests. Overall these are a healthy dessert but my husband had ice cream with his. If you are looking for a autumn dessert that is quick and easy I think this recipe fills the bill. To see what others made head over to I Heart Cooking Clubs.


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  1. Kim Tracy says:

    I love the flavors in these turnovers and I have to admit that I would love them with ice cream, too! I’d take one either way.


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