Fall-Market Galette

Baking Chez Moi

I had anticipated having to make substitutions for this week’s baking assignment, Fall-Market Galette, but the stars were aligned and I found all ingredients. Black seedless grapes, Italian plums (I used Empress), and fresh figs were the basis for this fall galette. Galettes are an easy way to make a pie; roll out dough, chill, fill with fruit and bake. The only thing that was time consuming was cutting the fruit. My husband recently made kumquat jam so I used that to glaze my galette. A very purple dessert indeed. This dessert was so popular that I made it twice, luckily I had the ingredients to do so. To see what others made head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.

My second galette came out much better.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Cakelaw says:

    It looks fantastic! Who doesn’t love a fruit pie.


  2. This is PERFECT! Can’t go wrong with a galette, especially with gorgeous produce like that!


  3. looks gorgeous and delicious! i heart cooked plums.


  4. Zosia says:

    That looks spectacular! And I love the sound of that kumquat jam.


  5. Lucky for your family to have it twice! I think this dough would be good with any filling 😃


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