Spiced Pumpkin Jammers

Tuesdays with Dorie
Dorie’s Cookies

This is the second Jammers cookie we have made in the group. My comments for the Classic Jammers were “good but a lot of work”. These Pumpkin Jammers were also a lot of work.

This is a cookie recipe that benefits from doing some of the work in advance but I did not have the opportunity to do so. I made the three components; cookie dough, filling and streusel, all in the same day I baked. It was a laborious process.

I need to get a guide for rolling cookie dough as I always roll them too thin. I ended up with way more than 30 cookies. I ran out of filling before I ran out of cookie dough but I just kept baking because I can’t throw cookie dough in the trash.

I took most of these cookies to work which they quickly disappeared and won rave reviews.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    I got 48 of these cookies from the recipe, and like you, found it all rather laborious. Yummy cookies, but I’d prefer it if someone made them for me.


  2. a kitchen project for sure, but they were tasty!


  3. Sarah B says:

    I made all my components the same day too, and then baked the next day. A lot of work is accurate! I like them though- in the way that I dream of being the person that just always happens to have homemade streusel on hand in the fridge!


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