Winter Squash Soup (soupe au potiron)

I have been Barefoot In Paris with Ina for the majority of my cooking so this challenge was easy for me. I chose a warm winter soup for a rare cool day in California. My husband is also traveling so I picked a recipe he would not like, namely anything with butternut squash.

The winter squash in this soup are pumpkin and butternut. The other ingredients are onion, chicken broth and half and half. This recipe is pretty straight forward and could be a one pot meal if you use an immersion blender. I like my pureed soups smooth so I used my blender. I had high hopes for this soup since it included some of my favorite ingredients but this soup fell flat for me. I am not sure what was missing but something was for me. The recipe gets 5 stars on the Food Network so maybe it is just me. If you make this recipe let me know what you think. Update: the second time I had it I liked it better. I took some of this soup to a co-worker for lunch and she enjoyed it.

Winter Squash Soup (soupe au potiron) page 81 or from the FoodNetwork.

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  1. flour.ish.en says:

    I made a similar soup a while bacK. As called for in that recipe, a tablespoon of curry powder should sharpen the flavor. Hope it helps.


  2. Nammi says:

    Love the colour of the soup although its too hot here to have soup! its like sunshine in a bowl


  3. Kim says:

    First of all, I'm over here laughing about making a recipe your husband doesn't like while he's out of town. I do that too and the funny thing is that it's usually a meatless dish like this because my husband craves meat and I don't always like to eat meat-centered meals! I understand what you mean about the recipe falling flat. Maybe some new spices and/or some fun toppings. It certainly looks gorgeous. Love the color.


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