Roasted Salmon Tacos

Inspired by fellow blogger Deb in Hawaii at Kahakai Kitchen, I made these roasted salmon tacos.

This was a three step process but still pretty easy. I made the cabbage cucumber slaw one hour in advance. I used red wine vinegar instead of white because that is all I had. My husband made the salmon. I could not find chipotle chile powder so he ground some dried chili we had. I made the avocado sans Sriacha, I enjoy flavor but not heat.

I enjoyed these as I have not had fish tacos in a long time. I also enjoyed the avocado. My family does not like avocado so I don’t buy it much. The crunch of the coleslaw was refreshing. I liked having something different so I enjoyed the meal. My husband ate it and liked it but not enough to make again. The recipe is available from the Foodnetwork.

Head over to I Heart Cooking Clubs to see what others made this week.


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  1. Kim says:

    These salmon tacos are a must make for me! Something about them just keeps calling me in. I love all the different components (the slaw, the avocado, the salmon). I'm kind of waiting for that perfect time when my husband has something else to eat because I think he would eat them but not love them as I do. Glad you gave them a try!


  2. flour.ish.en says:

    This dish has so many components to keep everyone around the table happy. I like how you'd try recipes out of the usual for your family.


  3. I like the sound of the cabbage and cucumber slaw. Like you I enjoy the crunchy cabbage, the creamy avocado and the tender salmon. What a nice bite!


  4. Such a lovely meal. Cabbage cucumber slaw sounds good!


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