Homemade Fig Newtons

Homemade Fig Newtons were a wonderful treat in our house and well worth the work. We loved them. The dough is a combination of white and whole wheat flours and flavored with cardamom and the zest of an orange. After the dough is made it needs to chill for 3 hours.

You can use store bought jam but I made from scratch per the recipe. If you can find fresh figs it was well worth the effort and pretty easy to do.

The dough is divided into thirds, rolled out to a 10×4 inch rectangle, filled with jam, sliced, brushed with an egg wash then chilled before baking. These were sure good warm from the oven. The baked cookies get soft quickly so I suggest baking them as you want them. I kept the chilled dough in the refrigerator and baked when I needed  them.

The recipe is available from Bon Appetit.


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