Double-Corn Tea Cake

When this corn cake came out of the oven my husband asked if he could have some, I often bake and release so he wanted to make sure. I said yes as I figured a picture of a cake sliced open would be better than a loaf. Three slices later, I now felt like I had a stump to photograph. Hum, I think hubby has lost his privilege to eat before photos.

On to the cake. This cake is made with yellow corn flour, not to be confused with cornmeal or corn starch. We actually made our own corn flour by grinding the cornmeal to a flour. It worked just fine. Since corn is in season here I used one ear of fresh corn and I did not bother to steam it before hand. My corn pieces did fall to the bottom of my cake and I don’t know if the fresh corn contributed to that or not.

My husband clearly liked it, three pieces later and counting, but said it was buttery (1 stick of butter) and sweet (1 cup of sugar). I read the Bonne Idee too late as I would have liked to add dried cranberries or dried cherries to the cake. Next time. I thought is was rich, delicious and high-lighted the bounty of corn.

Double-Corn Tea Cake page 40.

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  1. Cakelaw says:

    Your cake looks good Diane – and your hubby certainly thought so.


  2. Anonymous says:

    My corn fell to the bottom too! I also used fresh so maybe that is why. The flavor was great though. Thinking I might skip the corn kernels next time.


  3. I like your idea of making your own corn flour since I am not sure I'll be able to find that here. Yours is so lovely and yellow and summery!


  4. Zosia says:

    Your cake looks very nice. I've made it already and wish I'd used the bonne idee also.


  5. Summer says:

    Your cake looks delicious and the evidence is that it started disappearing so fast. A success by any measure.


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