Sundae Cupcakes

When I served these cupcakes my guests immediately recognized them as Sundaes. The cupcake base is a chocolate cake with chopped bananas. The recipe calls for chopped peanuts but my son is allergic so I left them out.

The frosting portion includes crushed sugar ice cream cones which adds a nice crunch to the dish. I made a rookie mistake in preparing the frosting, I did not crush the ice cream cones fine enough and clogged my frosting tip. My suggestion is to finely crush the cones to get through a frosting tip. The amount of frosting also would not support the height depicted on the picture for 12 cupcakes.

The chocolate dip and sprinkles really set these cupcakes a part and made them special. The cupcakes were delicious and a big hit with the crowd. I recommend these and would make them again. A fun celebration dessert.

You can get the recipe at FoodNetwork.


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