Spiced Honey Cake

Tis the season…for sniffling, sneezing, coughing, you get the picture. I am behind in my baking due to seasonal colds. My husband found my Baking Chez Moi cookbook open and asked honey cake today? Sadly this went on for a week but I am now back on my feet ready to bake.

This cake is likened to a pain d’epices, a traditional honey and spice cake. I have not made anything like this before, so another new baking adventure. The recipe calls for lavender flowers which I did not have so I just left them out. Since some found this flavor too floral, I thought it would be wise to omit.

The recipe came together quite easy and only used a couple of dishes, a winner for clean up. It does take some planning ahead as the orange peel, peppercorns and fresh ginger need to steep for one hour. Dorie also recommends that the cake ripen in a double layer of plastic film for a day or two. I knew this was not going to happen at my house with the daily requests from my husband.

My review: I liked the flavor of the orange which really came through. I did not taste the ginger or black peppercorns. My dried cherries were really fresh and moist and stayed so after baking. The cherry orange flavor paired well together. I thought the cake was a little dry but I am eating the same day as baking. Will update my review after a few days.

Tuesdays with Dorie is an international baking group working our way through Dorie’s cookbooks. To see what others made this week head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. This cake is a little dry. But I do like the orange and spice flavours.


  2. The cake IS dry. Mine didn't have much flavour at all but when you toast it, it's fabulous!


  3. Summer says:

    I thought this cake would be moist with honey and melted butter but I don't know any more. Your cake looks really good maybe it will grow on you as it ripens…


  4. Zosia says:

    Your cake looks wonderful and I hope your husband enjoyed it. I really liked the orange and spice pairing.


  5. Liz Berg says:

    Glad you're feeling better! I know Bill would not eat a bite of this cake, but I'd be willing to sample!!!


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