Garlic Basil Shrimp

IHCC October Potluck
When Ellie Krieger was chosen as the featured chef I pulled out all the recipes I had by her. I watched her show on the Food Network and used to print out many of her recipes, this was before the days of electronic recipe boxes. This garlic basil shrimp recipe was something I had not tried before and thought it was a great time for a new recipe.

This was a fast and easy recipe and made all in one pan.  It is also nutritious with olive oil, garlic, shrimp, white wine, basil and grape tomatoes.  Ellie suggests serving this with crusty bread which I did or rice, orzo or even pasta.  This was a hit in our house and my husband asked that we make it again.  This will definitely be making a repeat at our dinner table.

To see what others made for October Potluck go here.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Cakelaw says:

    Another fabulous Ellie dish – it looks really good.


  2. TeaLady says:

    CANNOT ever beat anything with Shrimp. This one of Ellie's looks perfect!


  3. flour.ish.en says:

    Combining garlic, basil and shrimp is a sure formula for a delicious meal. They look so yummy in the pan.


  4. Yep, garlic, basil, and shrimp is a fabulous combination. I love how quick and easy this is. 😉


  5. Wow, those shrimps look so succulent. With garlic and basil, this must be a very satisfying meal. 🙂


  6. My family love shrimps, so this would indeed be a winner in my house too! Looks delicious!


  7. I love how simple flavors combine to make something so delicious 🙂


  8. Kim says:

    I remember the days before the electronic recipe box. I also remember years ago when they would flash the ingredients on the screen and you would have to try and write them all down real quick. Crazy to think about how far cooking shows have come.This shrimp recipe is on my list to make during our time with Ellie. I love all the ingredients and I think it would be great served with just about any carb – especially pasta! Yum!


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