Brown-Butter-and-Vanilla Weekend Cake

This week on Tuesdays with Dorie we made Brown-Butter-and-Vanilla Weekend Cake (page 6) from Baking Chez Moi.

Brown butter is still a technique that I am learning.  I usually don’t cook it long enough because I am afraid I am going to burn it but I am getting practice as Dorie has a few recipes with brown butter.
I used white rum instead of dark which seemed to have worked.  It did not over power the cake as some stated who had already made it.  My review, I think I would use my glass pan next time and I would bake it slightly less.  I think I over did it by about 5 minutes and it was a little dry.  My book club said they liked it and everyone finished their piece.  They also agreed that it was a little over baked.  Everyone tasted the vanilla bean.
Tuesdays With Dorie is an international baking group working our way through Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan.  To see what others did in this group go here.

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  1. Yeah this was a hard one to tell if it was cooked through – I wanted that gorgeous golden colour on the outside but didn't want to overbake… Mine was \”just\” right but a couple more minutes and it would not have been… Did you try it toasted? With butter? 😉


  2. The way I see it, dry cake = opportunity for soaking it in something yummy 🙂 (Like the juice from fresh macerated berries). Browned butter is something special, isn't it?


  3. Kayte says:

    Browned butter is always fun…smells so good when it's nearing its doneness and I almost forget that it goes from that to over-done in a matter of seconds. I have also learned I do much better with it if I use a pan with a white/light color bottom as it is easier to tell the color as it goes along. Your cake looks fabulous…and I want a nice piece with those crunchy edges, those are the best! 🙂


  4. Kathy says:

    Sorry you thought it too dry…it really looks lovely! I loved this cake toasted with my cup of tea. Mine was actually moist and improved with the 24 hour rest. Cher is right…soaking is always yummy or even ice cream!


  5. Nana says:

    This is a repeat recipe for sure. Your cake looks perfect, the color is just right.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Your cake looks great. I like the idea of the white rum, too.


  7. Jora says:

    Your cake looks perfect to me. I'm still working on my brown butter technique too. I'm always afraid of burning it!


  8. Zosia says:

    It looks as though your cake turned out perfectly. This was a dense and rather sturdy cake, a texture not all of my tasters appreciated. But they loved the flavour!


  9. looks like you have the butter browning technique down! it is a magic ingredient.


  10. ooh I do like Cher's comment above about \”dry cake=opportunity for soaking it in something yummy\” I will keep that for when I've missed the timer. Your cake looks like it turned out perfect, and you are not the only one to mention it being dry. My was moist but I'm not sure I did anything different. I'm curious why?


  11. Cakelaw says:

    This was a lovely cake. I like Cher's comment – I think dry cake is an opportunity for trifle!


  12. I had a little area that didn't get cooked through on this one. It looks great though!


  13. Anonymous says:

    I used white rum, too, and based on everyone's comments I'm glad I did. Cakes like this can turn from perfect to overbaked in an instant, can't they? Mine turned out perfectly this time, but I'm with Cher – if it's a little dry, soak it with something delicious!


  14. Your cake certainly looks delicious. It's hard to tell sometimes just when to pull it out. I could have shortened my cooking time by a minute or two as well.


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