Guacamole With Tomatoes and Bell Peppers

For French Fridays with Dorie, I waited a day late to make this recipe so I could share it with friends. Every year we go to this event which includes a picnic dinner and fireworks.  We also celebrate our dear friend’s birthday which this year happens to be on the event so a cake was in order for dessert.

Dorie’s recipe for guacamole included red bell pepper, lime, red onion, jalapeno, cherry tomatoes, cilantro and of course avocado.  I didn’t have any cilantro so I just left it out.

My husband and son do not like guacamole so my husband made salsa.  There were a few jokes while making our separate appetizers.  We got thumbs up for the guacamole recipe.  I really liked the addition of the lime zest.  I read fellow Dorista’s reviews and used less lime juice.

To finish our meal off I made Big Bill’s Carrot Cake from Dorie’s Baking From My Home To Yours. It was delicious but definitely not a light cake with 3 layers and cream cheese frosting.

No matter where you are in the world, I hope you enjoy some fireworks this summer.

To see how other members of this group did link here.


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  1. Susan Lester says:

    Oh, Diane, I'm so sorry we missed you at lunch – and you're so close to Santa Monica! Next year when Mary Hirsch comes back to CA, we'll be hosting an event at our house (in Oxnard), so we'll be sure to invite you!


  2. Diane Zwang says:

    Oh wow you are so nice. I am glad you all had a good time.


  3. Kathy says:

    Diane, Lovely guacamole…gorgeous cake!! Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration!


  4. Diane, beautiful guacamole and great looking cake – carrot cakes are just the best!Have a great Monday!


  5. Liz Berg says:

    Guacamole and carrot cake? It sounds like my kind of party! Glad your guacamole was well received 🙂


  6. Emily says:

    Thanks for that carrot cake – will take out the book and look for it! The guacamole was well received by my DH (the bowl was empty and washed when I got home!) and I finished all of my portion that I brought to work!


  7. Cakelaw says:

    What a good idea to save it until you could share. I reduced the portion as I had no chnace to share. Your carrot cake looks devine!


  8. Mary Hirsch says:

    It's always nice to work your French Fridays recipes around sharing with family and friends. I believe in the past two years I've become a master in being able to share Dorie's delicious fare. If it's Friday, my friends are waiting for a taste of something tasty. With the cake and the guac and the salsa, you scored big with your friends. Suspect that you will be invited again next year.


  9. Cake + guac sounds good to me!


  10. Anonymous says:

    I chuckled at your reference to making separate appetizers – at least they went nicely together! This guacamole recipe was a winner, and you cake looks great too.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I would have wanted the guacamole AND the salsa! Both turned out beautifully. The cake is gorgeous – I've had my eye on that recipe for a while – so impressive!


  12. a little lime zest has always been my secret ingredient whenever I make guacamole. I wonder if hubby would have liked it had you put some of his salsa in it? I do that quite often too.


  13. Jora says:

    Again, your dessert stole my attention. That carrot cake is gorgeous. Your party sounds like a lot of fun!


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