Leeks Vinaigrette with Mimosa

French Fridays with Dorie

Dorie’s directions were to find “young leeks, the youngest, thinnest you can find.”  I have never seen a young leek and the ones we bought were beyond young but still good. 

I cooked my leeks for 20 minutes and I thought I over cooked them but they were still crispy when we ate them.  I found it difficult to cut the leeks, they were quite slippery for me.  Maybe a serrated knife would have been better.  We enjoyed the vinaigrette.  I substituted sunflower oil for the walnut oil as that is what I had on hand.  I thought the grated hard boiled egg over the top was a nice touch.  My husband enjoyed this dish.  As to the cooking techniques he said “who thinks of this stuff?”  I said the French.  If nothing else this group has expanded our repertoire of eating and cooking techniques.  I also think it is a lot of fun.  Link to the recipe

My family clearly likes my cooking adventures as I received Around My French Table as a birthday gift.  Let the cooking continue.


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  1. Kathy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this recipe…and I had never eaten leeks as a veggie side dish before. Glad your husband enjoyed them. Happy Mother’s day!


  2. Liz Berg says:

    My hubby thinks the same thing with nearly all my experimental recipes 🙂 Glad you enjoyed!


  3. OH those French! I had to cut them down the middle AND broil them to get my old geriatric leeks to soften up and behave. But oh they did and how. I loved them.


  4. Mary Hirsch says:

    You know, Diane, I also ask, every so often, \”Who thinks of this stuff?\” I'm with your husband on that one. Many of us couldn't find young, tender leeks. I think that leeks are not a popular item in American grocery stores so our leeks probably aren't top-quality. \”Slippery\” is a good term. And, yes, a serrated knife would work. You made me laugh with that one.


  5. Who thinks of this stuff, indeed? Certainly not me!There were no baby leeks to be found here either, but fortunately this was still delicious!


  6. Anonymous says:

    No baby leeks here either. I found that after slicing them into one inch pieces before dressing them, it was easy to just eat with a fork. It tasted good though.


  7. Maria Zioga says:

    I couldn't agree more! Who thinks these stuff ? I love French cooking but sometimes it is just too strange for me! I did not make the leeks but I did try the vinaigrette and loved it! Have a great week!


  8. Emily says:

    I enjoyed the vinaigrette from this recipe and made it a couple of times already!! My hubby puts up with the picture taking first before serving him the dish of the week!


  9. Cakelaw says:

    I have nought the materials to make this, and confess that I have never seen young leeks either. I will make it this weekend.


  10. Jora says:

    My leeks were really hard to cut too, and they were thinner and I cooked them for 40+ minutes. Serrated knives might be the answer…


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