Eggplant Tartines

Our latest adventure in Everyday Dorie, an eggplant tartine which is an open faced sandwich. The roasted eggplant is made into a kind of baba ganoush, this recipe is supposed to include fresh ginger which I did not have so I left it out. I did purchase the pomegranate molasses which was not a usual ingredient. This open faced sandwich is layered with pear, baba ganoush, radishes and toped with arugula. We ate these as a starter for our dinner with knives and forks. My son was not a fan and did not finish it. The rest of us enjoyed it but not sure I would make it again. I think baba ganoush is best left to being a dip. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. you’re right–maybe it would be better as just spread on toast without all the frilly garnish?


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