Carrément Chocolat, The Fancy Cake

la finale

This posting of Tuesdays with Dorie is bittersweet; we have come to the end of Baking Chez Moi. My husband said, “well start from the beginning again” which does sound like a good idea. I am not sure who has had more fun in this journey, me or my husband. This is the first Dorie cookbook that I have completed with the exception of three recipes; Alsastian Christmas Bread, Macaron Biscotti and Soft Salt-Butter Caramels. I may try and make the Christmas Bread this year but the other two will go un-made. Of all the Dorie books that I have baked from I think this one is my favorite. I plan on continuing to bake from Around My French Table which I did not finish. When I joined the group French Fridays with Dorie most of the desserts had been made so I have plenty to choose from. I also have plenty of recipes from Baking From My Home to Yours to complete, I was not part of this group when they baked from that book. And of course I will continue Dorie’s Cookies with this group and Everyday Dorie with Cook the Book Fridays.

On to the recipe. This was another team up recipe, my husband made the cakes and I did the filling, syrup and glaze. I skipped the chocolate shards as I am over salted chocolate. Since my family is really into cake I decided to take Dorie’s suggestion to double the cake recipe for a “taller gâteau”. I am so glad that I did as the cake was slim and would have been hard to cut in two. This cake recipe is quite different as it is made in a food processor and processed for 6 minutes, air is clearly a leavening ingredient here. The chocolate filling is thickened with cornstarch. I think I was a little to heavy-handed with the cornstarch as mine was very thick. I did not do such a good job of bringing the filling directly to the edge of the cake. I did manage to get my glaze shiny, and I poured it in the center and let it fall all around the sides but I couldn’t get full coverage of my bumpy sides. The reason you only see the top of my cake is that is the only perfect part. This is a cake for the chocolate lover but my family said it wasn’t too chocolaty which I think they liked. This is a good cake but not my favorite and I don’t think I will be making it again. I have a great sense of accomplishment with completing this book and I feel I am a better baker because of it. I have enjoyed this journey with all the members of this group.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    It’s been fun baking with you Diane. I loved the pastry cream filling.y cake was so thin I was scared I wouldn’t be able to successfully cut it in half, but the gods smiled on me that day.


  2. I am definitely a better baker thanks to Dorie and these groups! I like the idea of a taller cake (as you can imagine I went in the opposite direction for mine!) and might try that again sometime. My glaze needed extra chocolate (I used 1.5 times the recipe quantity to achieve the thick texture I needed to get coverage). And while I loved the slated chocolate, I recommend sprinkles another time to make it into a really fun celebration! It’s been so much fun baking with you – glad we still have a couple of books to work through!


  3. this is a big accomplishment and i’m really proud of us!! i have a few more recipes to make-up myself…we’ll see how that goes. i’m so glad we’ll keep baking together for awhile longer at least! xoxo


  4. Zosia says:

    And a perfect top it is! I’ve enjoyed baking you with these past few years and I, too, feel that I’m a better baker for this experience.


  5. I love how this experience is such a family affair…my family more of the tasting haha but so awesome your husbands gets in there and helps! I made the double layer as well, and like your family we enjoyed it but I don’t think it was a favorite with us either. Congratulations on finishing the book…I have had so much fun with all of you!


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