Honey-Nut Nougat

Baking Chez Moi

Merry, happy, whatever…My co-workers have been sick for some time but I thought I had over come it all. Sadly my body gave up and I got a cold. I managed to make this last dessert of the year before I was too far gone. My lack of experience with candy making made this a challenging recipe but not an impossible one. I have a candy thermometer so bringing the honey and sugar mixture up to 300 degrees was no problem. Pouring the hot mixture into the mixer while it is running is always the scary part. Knowing when it is done is also a challenge for me but I mixed it for six minutes. Folding in the nuts, and boy are there a lot them, half a pound to be exact was tricky as was trying to free form it into the pan. My husband loved this dessert nuts and all. I think this will be well appreciated in all the holiday baskets. Merry, happy, whatever… See you in 2020.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    Happy holidays! Your nougat turned out perfectly. I have just contracted a cold too – just in time for Christmas 😟


  2. Your nougat
    looks perfect! Tip: use a loaf tin like I did so you don’t have to faff around and free form it next time! So good! Hope you are recovered for the holidays!


  3. merry christmas!! this looks great- so full of nuts! hope you are feeling better.


  4. Zosia says:

    I hope you’ve recovered, Diane. The nougat looks great!


  5. Hope you feel better! Your nougat looks a lot more airy than mine. Mine seemed very dense. Good job on the candy making!!


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