Coffee-Cardamom Cookies

Coffee is serious business in our house. My husband is obsessed with a good cup of coffee. We buy whole beans, have a bean grinder and several coffee makers. The latest acquisition is a Capresso coffee maker, I get espressos for breakfast every weekend:) I voted for these cookies for my coffee loving husband.

Wow, these were delicious cookies. I enjoyed them so much and they were really different. Coffee with the addition of cardamon, cinnamon and molasses has a real depth of flavor. Husband approved and a make-again recipe. To see what others made head over to TWD.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    Glad you liked them – they are cute cookies. I will make them during make up week.


  2. I'm really intrigued to try these – Dorie seems to favour cardamom in many baked goods but it's not something I really love. I will try it in these though because it's had so many rave reviews! Love the glaze on top!


  3. i also really liked these—a great variation on the normal molasses-spice cookie. and they look so elegant with the icing!


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