Double- Buckwheat Double-Chocolate Cookies

Tuesdays with Dorie
Dorie’s Cookies

These cookies are double good and double dangerous, let me explain. The double goodness comes from buckwheat flour and kasha as well as cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate. I went with Dorie’s free form method and rolled the dough out between two sheets of parchment paper. I was given sea salt caramel pieces and I used that for the topping instead of flake sea salt and sanding sugar. My sea salt seemed to have dissolved into the cookie dough so I don’t think I got the desired effect. I used a pizza cutter to cut my cookies into squares. I learned that you don’t have to wait until the cookies are cool to eat them (danger #1). Cutting cookies you end up with little odd shape pieces at the ends which some how disappear quickly (danger #2). These cookies are chocolaty, delicious and dangerously good. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. these were good. and cake and cookie trim bits always wind up strangely disappearing…hmmm….


  2. Cakelaw says:

    Glad you enjoyed these cookies. I did have to go to some effort to get the ingredients but am glad I made them.


  3. sanya smith says:

    sea salt caramel pieces! That sounds so good! I'm not a chocolate fan but I would have loved the salted caramel


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