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Baking Chez Moi
My second turn at making granola this month and this time I was more successful. Dorie’s detailed and easy to follow recipe made for a great batch of granola. The key for me was adding the sweetened coconut at the end of baking, I added it at the last 10 minutes and it was perfect. This dark brown, crunchy goodness had the perfect balance of oatmeal to nut/seed ratio. It has just the right amount of  sweetness with honey and brown sugar and flavored with vanilla. 
Crunchy Granola page 408.

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  1. Zosia says:

    Adding the coconut towards the end to prevent burning is a great idea; I used unsweetened which I think doesn't brown as quickly.I apologize if I've left duplicate comments but my first one didn't seem to go through.


  2. Yes this did have a good radio of oats to add-ins. And I need to remember this re: coconut EVERY time!


  3. Cakelaw says:

    Your photo is just gorgeous. And I agree, this granola was moreishly good.


  4. Summer says:

    Your granola looks delicious and what a fun photo! I just love it! Looks great!! Yummy!


  5. you’re so right about the ratio here— this is a good one!


  6. Flourishen says:

    The oats to nuts ratio works beautifully in this recipe, as you pointed out.


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