Peanut Butter Change Ups

This week on Tuesdays with Dorie we are baking from Dorie’s Cookies. I chose the Peanut Butter Change-Ups as one of two recipes to choose from. My husband and I love peanut butter but sadly my son is allergic so I don’t cook with peanut products much.

These cookies deviate from the standard in that they are not pushed down with a fork prior to baking. These had a softer texture than your traditional peanut butter cookie. Dorie’s secret ingredient was nutmeg which I did not taste, maybe I will put in more next time. My only rogue moment was rough chopping the peanuts instead of finely chopped. I love a good peanut crunch. If you are a peanut lover you will love them too.
The recipe is available from the Washington Post series Everyday Dorie. Tuesdays with Dorie is an international baking group working our way through Dorie’s cookbooks. The see what others made this week head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Nice job on yours! My husband really loves the crunch alternating with the softness.


  2. Hindy says:

    Your cookies look beautiful! Love a good crunch!


  3. I wish I had left my peanuts less chopped! I want to make another batch right now!


  4. Kayte says:

    I didn't chop my peanuts finely either…it's nice to see a bit of nutty goodness and the lovely aroma of those cookies was so nice. I did like the nutmeg in them as well, never had that in a peanut butter cookie before.


  5. So interesting. I used the recipe from the WaPo and the amount of flour is vastly different – my cookies were very crunchy (no matter, they were devoured anyway!).


  6. Summer says:

    I agree with you the crunch of the peanuts is half the fun. Your cookies look great and it was fun to read how the recipe compares with other recipes.


  7. Peggy says:

    I actually did push mine down with a fork. Just force of habit I think! My cookies were very crunchy and I think I would prefer a gooier peanut butter cookie. But yours are beautiful!


  8. Cakelaw says:

    They were good weren't they. I didn't add extra peanuts because I didn't have any.


  9. Liz Berg says:

    I love Dorie's classic pb cookies, so I have a feeling I'd be a huge fan of these, too!! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, Diane!!!


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