Breakfast Biscotti – Cookies and Kindness

Dorie Greenspan has started a new revolution, Cookies and Kindness. The directive; bake cookies, share them, post what you bake and share. This month’s theme is being kind and sweet to colleagues. I am a Registered Dietitian working in healthcare so my colleagues are nurses. So this month’s Breakfast Biscotti went to the hard working nurses that I interact with on a daily basis.

To say that these were a hit is an understatement, I had nurses waiting for me to take this photo so that they could dive in. I know that the nurses appreciated my baking. The best compliment ever, an empty plate.

Bake cookies. Share them. Post what you bake and share. Cookies and Kindness


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  1. flour.ish.en says:

    You hit this bake in two notes: beautiful, I'm sure these are also good tasting, biscotti and the spirit of giving kindness.


  2. This is the best! Lucky nurses!


  3. Kayte says:

    What an important career you have…much admiration for that. These cookies look so impressive, such a good choice for you to take for everyone. We liked these…not just for the healthy aspect…they were good. I'm trying to catch up a bit so I will comment on the ones that you have posted that I have made now and then I will comment on the others as I make them. It's fun to go around and see what you made!


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