French (Food Revolution) Friday with Dorie

Food Revolution Day Ambassador and Dorista, Mardi Michels states “Friday May 15th 2015 is the fourth annual Food Revolution Day – a day of global action created by Jamie Oliver and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation to engage and inspire people of all ages to learn about food and how to cook it.” My son picked from the eligible recipes from Jamie’s website, one-cup pancakes.

Learning how to crack an egg.  My son reminded my husband that he knew how to do this already.

We had breakfast for dinner so we included sausage with our meal.  My son is not a willing participant when it comes to pictures, so this is the best I could get.
We put blueberries in our pancakes and we loved it.  My son’s current goal is to help cook dinner once a week.  My goal is to have a proficient cook by the time he goes to college.  Thank you Mardi for inspiring all our little chefs.  Now on to our last recipe for French Fridays with Dorie.

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  1. Liz Berg says:

    I love how you're getting your son involved with meal prep, Diane! Tell him he looks like a pro!!!


  2. Mary Hirsch says:

    I've only met your handsome young son once, Diane, and I could have told you in a flash that he already knew how to crack an egg. He's very impressive (and, photogenic). He made a good choice and the pancakes look delicious. With sausage, even better. I think making dinner once-a-week is a great exercise and goal. There's no doubt he will soon be more proficient than Mom and Dad, probably. It happens. Tell him, \”hi.\”


  3. Those are some impressive looking pancakes – being able to make a hearty breakfast is a life skill for sure! Well done.


  4. Dorie says:

    Perfect – you, your son and that recipe – a great one for a starter. Seeing your son at the stove reminded me of making pancakes with my son when he was very young. He still loves pancakes and we still make them together when he visits. A griddle was one of the first pieces of kitchen gear he bought when he got his first apartment.


  5. That recipe is a keeper for sure – it will take him far. Great job and thanks so much for taking part this year!


  6. Kathy says:

    Your son made a great choice…when my kids were at home, they loved eating pancakes for dinner! Nicely done! Happy Friday, Diane!


  7. Nana says:

    Great post Diane, and fun to see your son so involved.


  8. Anonymous says:

    So great that he's learning these skills early, with such great results!


  9. I was reading this post and I could very much imagine your son dryly telling his dad that he already can crack an egg! I've only met him the one time, but there it is. 🙂 That's an awesome goal to cook dinner once per week! You've given me ideas for years from now… Hope you're having a great weekend, Diane!


  10. Diane, such a nice post – the recipe from Jamie´s website is wonderful – our kids were already eyeing it as well. Great pictures of your family preparing those lovely pancakes. And kudos to your son for making the resolution of helping with dinner at least once a week.


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